Dr Nikolaos Christodoulou

Orthopedic Surgeon MD PhD
Athens University PhD
Resident – Interne (Fellow) University Hospital Ambroise PARE, Paris – France
Former Director of Orthopedic Clinic, NHS
Specialist in Reconstructive Surgery Lower Limb,
Hip and knee arthroplasties, Foot deformities, New ALMIS hip approach
Chairman, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Iatriko Psychikou Clinic / Athens Medical Group, Athens – Greece
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Innovative surgical techniques

With absolute respect for people committed to providing high quality medical services with modern techniques achieving the perfect result.

Surgery – Treatments

Almost all surgeries require only a few hours at our sites, modern and equipped surgeries!

Orthopedic Surgeon

In our Orthopedic Clinic is located in the new Psychikou Andersen 1 (Kifissias & Katehaki), N. Psychiko, 11525,

Access to Clinic is easy both by car (with ample parking) and by public transport.

We are ready and fully equipped with the appropriate instruments and adequately manned with regard to medical personnel, so as to face and watch either emergencies or chronic diseases respectively.

Our experience, our continuous training and our expertise are a guarantee of the result regardless of the seriousness and difficulty of the incident.

H Our philosophy is based on the fact that we always try to provide solutions using advanced technology, showing respect and care to the patient least possible inconvenience ready at any time to deal with any emergency that may arise.