Personalized Knee Arthroplasty


In Athens Medical Group and especially in the Iatriko Psychikou Medical Center the new modern presonalized “Custom Knee Arthroplasty” was applied successfuly in many patients during the last year. This system is the latest in navigation technology where custom guides are made for each patient on a model designed from an MRI or Three Dimensional CT reconstruction of the patient osteorthritic knee. This allows the surgeon to place the knee arthroplasty implants at the correct position during surgery individualized for each patient. The personalised guides have been prepared and designed in detail preoperatively by the factory computers – robots and not during surgery as it was made until now with the so called “robotic” or “computer assisted” arthroplasty.  

The surgeon places the implants at the most ideal position during surgey by using the personalized custom guides for each different patinet instead of looking with many tools and guides or with the help of the so called “computer assisted” or “robotic” method. So , the operation is made by much smaller incision , with minimal invasiveness, very less time and without injuring the vessels of the canals of the femoral and tibial bone. 

All are designed and programmed with absolute precision before and not during surgery. The perfect correction of the mechanical axis of the leg is also achieved and the maximum for each patient range of motion in their knee joint. So, the operated patients can be able to return to all their activities and sports very soon after surgery.  

Similar “Custom” Arthroplasty systems with preoperative templating and custom guides are already ready to be used in the Athens Medical Group Clinics for partial arthroplasty of the knee joint and for acetabulum component position in hip arthroplasties. 

This is the future of the artrhoplasties… The arthroplasty procedure is designed and prepared by using preoperative and not intaroperative “robotic” or “Computer Assisted” systems which can in some cases elongate the operation time and the complications rate.  

By using the preoperatively prepared custom arthroplasty guides, a smaller incision and invasiveness may be achieved as also minimal operative and anesthesia time, minimal blood loss and perfect placement of implants. 

The result in almost all cases are the ideal postoperative range of motion, the ideal correction of the leg, the significant reduction of postoperative pain , the direct and independent ambulation with full weight bearing and excellent and permanent functional outcome! 

All are designed and programmed by computers and the “robots ” of the factory before and not during surgery !