Partial or “mini” implants to avoid total knee replacement and new exact correction systems

Personalized Knee Arthroplasty Systems

Mainly in extensive knee wear and serious varus or valgus deformity knee cases we use the so called personalized knee arthroplasty systems to correct accurately all knee deformities and the mechanical axis of the operated leg. Using normally the posterior cruciate ligament retaining resurfacing knee arthroplasty implants and MIS technique we try to avoid injury of vastusmedialis muscle mass, posterior cruciate ligament, popliteus tendon and collateral ligaments. New implants now at the market offer the retaining of both cruciate ligaments in primary total knee arthroplasties.This offers anatomical elements and bone less loss as also better postoperative proprioception and amazing results.

The “personalized” knee systems are very useful in order to minimize future failure of the joint replacement correctingexactlyand adjustingthe mechanical axis of the leg and in other words help to thecorrect “alignment” and “balance” of the knee joint.

In difficult cases, particularly in younger patients, we have now at our center and have already used in many patients systems that provide accurate correction of the mechanical axis and the knee deformities using prefabricated templates –custom guides for each patient individually based on specific CT or MRI program and are accompanied by a copy – model of the specific knee that has been formed by three-dimensional printing with all its deformities. All necessary also corrections are indicated on them for a perfect operation.

Mini “robot” – navigation knee arthroplasty system

Near first of all, we started to use in Greece in knee artrhoplasties the mini “robotic” – navigation system PERSEUS.

This is for use during surgery and works like a GPS (Global Positioning System) system in order to find and determine the center of the femoral head that helps to perfect mechanical axis correction and to perfect femoral knee artrhoplasty femoral component fixation. Its placement during surgery is easy and with minimal surgical time loss. No relation with the big, complex and time consuming old “robotic” knee arthroplasty systems.

Όπως βλέπετε η εξέλιξη είναι ταχύτατη, τα τεχνολογικά επιτεύγματα που σεχτίζονται με τις αρθροπλαστικές εντυπωσιακά και οι ειδικοί ορθοπεδικοί χειρουργοί πρέπει να προσαρμοζόμαστε ανάλογα για να βελτιώσουμε και άλλο τα αποτελεσματά μας.

Νέα «μίνι» εμφυτεύματα για τμηματικές βλάβες του γόνατος

Σε νεώτερους ασθενείς που η βλάβη στο γόνατο δεν είναι γενικευμένη μπορούμε σήμερα να τοποθετήσουμε μικρά ή «μίνι» εμφυτεύματα γιααντικατάσταση μόνον της φθαρμένης περιοχής, με πολύ μικρές τομές, χωρίς μεταγγίσεις και χωρίς γενική αναισθησία. Ο ασθενής μπορεί να κινητοποιηθεί και να βαδίσει την ίδια ημέρα. Τέτοια εμφυτεύματα είναι ο τεχνητός μηνίσκος, το «μίνι» εμφύτευμα μόνιμης αντικατάστασης αρθρικού χόνδρου RECORTIC και τα εμφυτεύματα τμηματικής αρθροπλαστικής για την φθορά του έσω ή έξω μηριαίου κονδύλου ή της επιγονατίδας.

Artificial Meniscus

Mini partial femoral condyle implant RECOTIC

Partial patellar – patellofemoral joint system